Wednesday Wisdom!


How about a dose of Wednesday Wisdom from Olympian Phillip Dutton? Today’s quote comes from Horseware’s video series “Making a Champion.” In a short documentary in the series, Dutton discussed how he started riding and the keys to a successful equestrian career. He also talked about the team he works with (namely Emma Ford, the head groom and barn manager), how the Horseware brand has played a role in his career, and his experiences as an Olympian.

“You have to really get the basics right and understand and not skip over stuff with your horse’s training or your own training as well. Because everybody, I believe everybody, gets an opportunity, everybody gets a chance, but you’ve got to make sure when you get that chance that you’re ready for that chance and you can take that opportunity. And so, if you rush and get there before you’re actually ready, then you blow your opportunity and then you’re not sure how many more chances you get. So I think being prepared and making sure that you establish the basics really well is really really important in a career.”

See the video here:



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